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WELCOME TO Our ORganic House

Magical Holistic Living

Hello, I’m Julie!
I’m a food lover, traveler, gardener and dog mom. I’m working to recreate my favorite foods to fit my healthy lifestyle. Come learn how to navigate holistic living with me!

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Meet Julie

I’m a open minded adventurer, wife, gardener, and dog mom.

I’ve grown up in small country towns in the Pacific Northwest and I love country living!
I can’t wait till we can move to a farm and raise goats and chickens, but for now I am growing my knowledge on homesteading in the suburbs.

I’m passionate about holistic living. Having had some health issues that pushed me to switch to organic clean ingredient food and products. Holistic living has drastically changed my life. Chronic infections, asthma, elevated white blood cells, gut issues, hormones imbalances, anxiety and depression, these are just a few of the health obstacles that I’ve been working to overcome. When I took my health into my own hands and changed my diet and lifestyle, i saw huge improvements.

Now I work to recreate my favorite recipes to fit my healthier lifestyle.

Some Fun Facts About Me

  • I am scuba certified
  • I am learning how to kiteboard
  • I snowboard
  • I was an airplane mechanic
  • I started cooking my own eggs at 3 years old
  • I try to meditate daily
  • I went from religious to ashiest to spiritual woo woo lol
  • I did chicken 4H as a child and showed chickens at the fair
  • I took a dream interpretation course

I am so grateful for you being here! Follow along for real food recipes, natural living, DIY home and my life adventures here at Our Organic House!

WELCOME TO Our ORganic Home

Where Culinary Magic Happens!

We believe that food has the magic to transform your life.

Updating our recipes, household cleaners, and more to promote healthier living.

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